The Financial Advisory is our core business segment aimed to deliver consulting services that build on a strong financial analytical fundament. Service offerings span a wide variety of fields, such as financial modeling, access to finance, investment and transaction services including risk management, equity valuations M&A however, financial and accounting skills always stand at the heart of the services delivered.


Financial Modeling

Finacco Kosovo offers a high-end tailor made customized financial modeling to our clients. It’s well known that to date there is no regulatory structure on the development, use and control of financial models and spreadsheets; and it’s also commonly known that in the financial industry there is a long tradition of amateur self-teaching due to the lack of formal trainings in the discipline of financial modeling.

Our professionals have years of experience in various financial modeling suitable for numerous of sectors in a variety of business industries.


Access to Finance

Finacco provides services to businesses in accessing finance of long and short term loans, structured loans and other financial instruments as needed with the main goal to promote business growth. Our priority is to develop a sustainability financial infrastructure.


Equity Valuation Services

We provide services on equity valuation to estimate a value for a private company. Finacco Financials uses the most advanced techniques of the financial industry including precedent and comparable industry multiples, DCF, LBO and ATP.


Financial Structuring

We advise our clients to select the most suitable financial structure depending on the nature of the businesses they are operating at.   Finacco’s purpose is to help its clients in the way to reduce cost, managing risk and to maximized profit.


Mergers and Acquisitions

In todays developed markets each year, thousands of companies worldwide, from large to small are acquired by competitors or decide to merge with other similar companies. The main reasons behind the joining of forces can span from offensive strategies, such as bolstering growth potential or deepening expertise in a sector or discipline, to defensive tactics, including goals as consolidating the company’s market share or gaining added financial means to safeguard financial stability. We offer services in Mergers and Acquisitions with our international experienced advisors. We provide the best solution to private companies, shareholder’s and or potential investors.  Our mission is to help businesses to grow, expand, change the nature of their business or improve their competitive advantages.


Due Diligence

We provide various Due Diligence services for business and or potential investors or any other clients in need of such services. We perform our DD services on the following categories: Business Due Diligence, General Due Diligence, Investing Due Diligence and Negotiating Due Diligences. We believe that our Due Diligence services help our clients significantly to make a right decision for enhancing their business.


Post-Investment Monitoring

Post-investment monitoring is another extension of our investigative Due Diligence services. Our goal is to advice our clients for post-investment monitoring and regular reporting on the investment, including key stakeholders of all entities involved in such transaction with main purpose to help businesses maintain make the right decision.


Our services in accounting are the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions related to a business. We also make the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies and local authorities.


Management Accounting

Management accounting services that Finacco provide to its customers are aiming to improve the flow of information within the company in order for the company’s management to better inform themselves before they decide any action of their businesses, serving their performance and management of control functions such as: managing risk, measuring performance, benefit analysis, capital budgeting, etc. Our principles are applied to client’s management accounts and we focus on compliance with IFRS accounting standards.


Tax Accounting services are focused on specific rules that companies and individuals must follow when preparing their tax obligations toward local tax authorities. We help our clients to turn tax declaration into a long-term competitive advantage! Reaching this objective is in the focus of interest of our tax advisors. We aim to cooperate closely with our clients in order to identify and implement tax strategies optimal for the structure, culture and readiness to take risk of your company. Always in compliance with the law.


On old wise proverb says “A Good advice is worth its weight in gold “. Management consulting, often referred to as business consulting, is defined as “advisory and/or implementation services to the (senior) management of companies with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes “. Our Consultancy services provide a wide area of advice in a variety of fields such as; Business Management, Investment, Corporate Governance, or any other required areas through our experts with international long experience in the respective fields of consultancy.

Business and Management Advisory Services

Finacco Business and Management advisory services are based on increasing value of businesses. We have outstanding experts with extensive experience and knowledge, partly acquired through formal education, but mostly gained in practice in the field of Business and Management with long International experience able to meet challenges and solve them successfully.


Business Planning

Our services for business planning are a formal statement of business objective, reasons they are achievable, and plans for reaching them. We believe that each company, especially the start-ups, should have a business plan. The companies in principle can draw simple business plans with our help, but more complex business planning requires a common effort. Part of business planning may include feasibility studies and investment studies which in turn require additional expert knowledge and often   they should be presented and discussed with the potential creditors or investors. We also advise more mature companies (going concern) that should look us as a partner who shall, on the basis of analysis of the state of the company and a market analysis, assist in creating a long-term sustainable strategy supported by implementing strategies and operational procedures.


Feasibility Studies

We offer feasibility studies to objectively and rationally uncover the weaknesses and strengths of an existing businesses as well as startup’s, to find required resources to carry through and ultimately prospect of various businesses. We make a deep study looking at historical background of the projects and /or businesses, description of the products/ services, financial statements, operations, financial data, including tax etc. with the aim to reach a conclusion and evaluate the project’s potential for success.


Investment Projects

Our advisory services in Investment Projects are to carry an investment idea through to its stable-income generation stage. We provide services to achieving a profitable return, positive and consistent cash flow, and attractive return on the invested capital with main purpose to help investors do the right decision.


Operational Research and Planning

Finacco provide a wide range of operational research and planning advisory services that deals with application of advanced analytical methods to help our clients make better decisions. Identifying possible future developments in business, deciding how much capacity is needed to develop a specific part of business etc.


Legal Structuring

Legal Structuring provide services that are given by both in house experienced lawyers as well as our partner international legal firms active on business and corporate law. Our legal services among others includes also legal due diligence and legal drafting services of various financial and security agreements.

Corporate Governance

Our services about Corporate Governance involves balancing the interests of the business’s stakeholders. Our services provide the framework for attaining a business’s objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans to the performance of the company. We specifically refer to the set of rules, controls, resolutions and policies to achieve the company’s goal.