FinANALYTICS is a specialized online tool for providing credit scoring and risk rating to businesses. Our online database has an immense data collection for the vast majority of businesses operating in Kosovo in a variety of economic fields. The scoring and risk rating is made using the latest worldwide financial methodologies combined with the local know how and long experience of our team. All data provided derives from publicly available, reliable, and validated sources and the report generated will automatically identify/notify the origin of the data source.

FinANALYTICS will grant access to its customers through our database in a web portal.


After being financial carriers for more than a decade, the shareholders of Finacco Kosovo LLC have experienced and witnessed the importance of accurate information and reliable financial data in today’s dynamic and competitive markets. With the combination of such extensive experience and a glimpse of the shareholders’ vision for developing a unique tool in order to provide a sustainable, professional, and standardized service for serving various groups of business communities, Finacco Kosovo LLC developed FinANALYTICS. FinANALYTICS has been developed to provide a combination of past financial performance, credit scoring and a company rating in a consolidated report. In addition to credit risk-scoring and rating, our team can produce a wide range of various data reports based on the needs of our customers in tailoring the accurate needs to the specifics of clients in various sectors as FMCG1, General Industry, Agribusiness, Financial, or any other Economic sector.

FinANALYTICS Team mission

Our team is always ready to advise and serve our clients throughout the whole decision-making process. Our goal is to successfully facilitate the operations of our clients in offering a wide range of reliable data and analytics.

FinANALYTICS Team vision

We believe that the key to business success is the advantage of information. Timely information is the first step towards any successful business activity. “Information is the key to success.” Those who possess it will always have the advantage of successful planning and decision making. This has proved to be a crucial factor for the successful realization of business challenges. The FinANALYTICS Team will provide easy access to business information at any time both through its online portal tool but also in dedicated B2B meetings, as per our clients’ needs and specifications.

Our Philosophy

The FinANALYTICS Team has a clear mission in organizing, analyzing, and providing strong and real time data for various stakeholders that may have an interest of such services. We aim to provide data to all interested parties of the business community, legal entities, or, in certain cases, also individuals. The main aim is to simplify and modernize the current dynamic business data flow and make it easily accessible to everyone. The FinANALYTICS Team provides access to data from publicly available domains that are reliable and validated. We combine technology, professionalism, and the many years of experience of our team to present the data on the most standardized and friendly manner enabling the customers to have an easy 24/7 access of our database using our online portal.

Financial Data for Everyone

At the moment the credit scoring report is of a standardized format comprising of the latest financial methodologies used worldwide in the modern financial sector. We aim to combine a wider spectrum of various financial analysis including financial ratios and past credit history in order to make an accurate report that will be useful and reliable to our client. In a very short period of time we aim to expand the range of our analytical reporting, introducing and widening the spectrum of services by including specific sector analytics or deep financial analyses based on any specific needs of our customers.

Basic Subscription

Basic subscription covers only generation of Credit Reports.

Premium Subscription

Premium subscription covers generation of Credit Reports as well as custom reports for Sectors, Activities and Companies.