Financial Advising

Financial Advising is our core business segment aimed to deliver consulting services that build on a strong financial analytical foundation. Services offered span a wide variety of fields, such as financial modeling, access to finance, investment, and transaction services including risk management, equity valuations, and M&A. However, financial and accounting skills always stand at the heart of our services delivered.

Financial Modeling

inacco Kosovo LLC offers customized and tailored, high-end modeling to our clients. It is well known that nowadays there is no regulatory structure on the development, use, and control of financial models and spreadsheets, and it is also commonly known that in the financial industry there is a long tradition of amateur self-teaching due to the lack of formal trainings in the discipline of financial modeling. Our professionals have years of experience in various financial modeling, suitable for a wide-range of sectors in a variety of business industries.

Access to Finance

Finacco Kosovo LLC provides services to businesses in accessing finance for long and short-term loans, structured loans, and other financial instruments as needed with the main goal on promoting business growth. Our priority is to develop a sustainable financial infrastructure.

Equity Valuation Services

We provide services on equity valuation to estimate the value for a private company. Finacco Kosovo LLC has been applying the most advanced techniques of the financial industry, including precedent and comparable industry multiples, DCF, LBO, and ATP.

Financial Structuring

We advise our clients to select the most suitable financial structure depending on the nature of the businesses with which they are operating. The aim of Finacco Kosovo LLC is to help its clients in ways that reduce cost, manage risks, and maximize profit.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In today’s developed markets, thousands of companies worldwide, from large to small, are acquired by competitors or decide to merge with other similar companies yearly. The main reasons behind the joining of forces can span from offensive strategies, such as bolstering growth potential or deepening expertise in a sector or discipline to defensive tactics, including goals as consolidating the company’s market share or gaining added financial means to safeguard financial stability. We offer services in Mergers and Acquisitions with our internationally experienced advisors. We provide the best solution to private companies, shareholders and/or potential investors. Our mission is to help businesses grow, expand, change the nature of their business, or improve their competitive advantages.

Due Diligence

We provide various Due Diligence services for businesses, potential investors, and/or any other client in need of such services. We perform our Due Diligence services on the following categories: Business Due Diligence, General Due Diligence, Investing Due Diligence, and Negotiating Due Diligence. We believe that our Due Diligence services significantly help our clients in making the right decisions for enhancing their business(ses).

Post-Investment Monitoring

Post-Investment Monitoring is an extension of our investigative Due Diligence service. Our goal is to advise our clients on Post-Investment Monitoring and regular reporting on the investment, including key stakeholders of all entities involved in such transactions with the main purpose focused on helping businesses maintain making the right decisions.