FINAScore Team

After a financial carrier for more than a decade, the shareholders of Finacco Kosovo LLC have experienced and witnessed the importance of accurate information’s and reliable financial data’s in today’s dynamic and competitive markets.

With the combination of such long experience and with a glimpse of shareholders vision for developing a unique tool in order to provide a sustainable, professional and standardized services in order to serve various groups of business communities, Finacco Kosovo LLC developed FINAScore. The application has been developed to provide a scoring of individual past financial performance by producing a credit scoring report.

FINAScore Team mission

Our team is always ready to advise and serve our clients throughout the whole decision-making process. Our goal is to facilitate successfully the operations of our clients in offering a wide range of reliable data and analytics.

FINAScore Team vision

We believe that the key to business success is the advantage of Information. The timely information is the first step towards any successful business activity.

“Information is key to success”. Those who possess it will always have the advantage in planning and decision making in a successful manner. This has proved to be a crucial factor for the successful realization of business challenges. FINAScore Team will provide easy access to business information at any time both thru its online portal tool but also on dedicated 2B2meetings as per our clients’ needs and specifications.

Our Philosophy

FINAScore Team has a clear mission in organizing, analyzing strong and provide real time data for various stakeholders that may have an interest of such services. We aim provide data to all interested parties of business community-both legal entities or in certain cases also to individuals. The main aim is to simplify and modernize the current dynamic business data flow and make is easily accessible to everyone.

What’s in FINAScore?

The FINAScore score considers multiple weighted factors to create an individual’s FINAScore score:

  • Payment history: 35%
  • Outstanding debts: 30%
  • Length of your credit history: 15%
  • Types of credit you’ve used: 10%
  • Amount of new credit: 10%

You know that your credit score is important—it’s a number that lenders use to determine whether they should offer you credit, and what interest rate you qualify for. Whether it’s a bank, a credit card company, or a car dealership, these lenders will look at your credit report to learn how you’ve managed your finances in the past. After all, they want to be sure you’ll repay your loan on time. In other words, your credit score helps lenders determine the level of risk involved if lending you money.

Your Credit Report

Your credit score isn’t the only thing a lender wants to know about you. There are other aspects of your credit report that are important, such as your total amount of debt, any derogatory items on your report, and the types of credit accounts you have—both present and past.